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If you are an organization (University, Governments, or other non-profit organizations) who works on behalf of groups of smaller with annual revenue or income or funding less than $1 million USD.


  1. Digital Object Identifier (DOI): Annual ASCEE-Crossref Member Donation is IDR 200.000 for Indonesian Publisher and USD 30 for the other countries. However, ASCEE affiliation members are FREE. We accept the following content:
    • Journals and journal articles
    • Books, book chapters, and reference works
    • Conference proceedings and papers
    • Preprints
    • Peer Reviews
    • Standards
    • Technical reports and working papers
    • Theses and dissertations
    • Components (sub-items of journal, book, or conference content, such as figures, tables, graphs, data)
    • Datasets and database entries
    • Funding grants (including awards and use of facilities/equipment)

      There are different fees for different content types and some fees are different depending on the publication date of the content, Check the details at 
  2. Similarity Check/IThenticate: Each document run through Similarity Check is charged at a per-document-checking fee, and there are volume discounts. There is a separate invoice for Similarity Check document checking fees, check the details at 
  3. Crossmark: Crossmark allows members to register status updates to your published content such as corrections, retractions, and errata. It also enables you to put a button on both your html articles as well as on PDFs so readers can always know its status whether current, updated, or retracted. There is no annual service fee for Crossmark, but up to the end of 2019 there were fees for each record that was updated or corrected, and these were included in the quarterly content registration invoices.


For registration, applicants can fill out the online registration form at


  1. IDR Currency
    Bank name: Bank Mandiri
    Account number: 1370066226628
    Swift code: BMRIIDJA
    Account holder name: Association for Scientific computing electronics and engineering
    Bank Address: Bank Mandiri KCP Yogyakarta UNY
    Country: Indonesia
  2. USD Currency.


Indonesia: Tri Andi (+62 822-3642-3734)
Overseas: Shoffan (+62 858-7717-7459)


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