Member Benefits

There are several tangible benefits of membership in the Association for Scientific Computing Electrical and Engineering (ASCEE). One of the most important benefits, which is difficult to quantify, is the fact that support for ASCEE helps ensure that Scientific Computing Electrical and Engineering will be faced together between industry, academy and other organization then will built strong networks among them. More specific benefits include following:

1.Research Collaboration

ASCEE members will get broader cooperation with industry and academy also other organization related to Scientific Computing Electrical and Engineering to build strong knowledge, face the new problem of big data and data science.

2.ASCEE Annual Conference and Members' Meeting

The BDC Conference and Members' Meeting is a central event in ASCEE and an excellent opportunity to meet with other ASCEE projects and users and learn more about new developments in the ASCEE world. ASCEE institutional representatives can:

  • Attend the annual ASCEE meeting for free.
  • Receive a substantial discount on registration for the ASCEE conference.

3.Discounts on training and consultation

ASCEE members are entitled to receive discounts from participating institutions/organisations on ASCEE training workshops and consultation.

4.Publication on International Journal

As member of ASCEE you will get guidline how to publish and build strong research on International Journal for advancing knowledge in the society.


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