ASCEE China Section collaborate with Indonesian Student Association (PPI) China Gather Donation for Covid19

The Covid-19 pandemic has been spread throughout the world to lead the lifestyle to change rapidly. The policy on the implementation of health protocol is carried out in a very strict manner, Public health conditions are monitored at all times, not only from the health condition that affected the community, but this health disaster also affects the economic conditions in whole around the world.

Many victims infected from the disease, the implementation of quarantine was carried out, as a result, the paralysis of social order occurred on a large scale. People are not permitted to travel, public activities are currently prohibited, and public service facilities may not operate except the health services, so the "Work from Home" regulation is applied.

This condition has motivated many communities or social institutions to raise funds to help medical workers and affected communities. ASCEE China, together with the Indonesian Student Association (PPI) Central China, worked cooperatively, to represent solidarity through fundraising. "We hope that the pandemic will end soon, and this fundraising is our small action, hopefully, the outputs will be beneficial," said Sularso, Chair of the ASCEE China Section.

Meanwhile, Farhan Hidayatullah, Chair of ASCEE Student Branch, hopes that this collaboration can lighten the burden of medical personnel who are in the forefront of handling Covid-19. "As a vanguard, medical personnel need a lot of support and attention, some of our donations will be distributed in the form of food and masks," he said.

Separately, Albert Kirana, President of the Indonesian Student Association (PPI) in Nanjing, explained that the funds from the donations were distributed in the form of 75 meal boxes for Persahabatan Jakarta Hospital, 75 boxes of RSPI Prof. Dr. Sulianti Saroso North Jakarta, 20 boxes of masks for BNPB Malang, 50 pcs of Hazmat Suit for Lapangan Indrapura Hospital at East java, 20 boxes of masks and 50 pcs of Hazmat Suit during the critical period in Surabaya, 10 boxes of masks and 10 surgical goggles and 50 pcs of Hazmat Suit for Lakipadada Tanatoraja Hospital, South Sulawesi. "Because distribution has not been closed yet, reports have not been fully conveyed, there is still arrangement to provide food for other medical personnel," he said.

Distribute free food to medical workers is targeted to be completed by mid-July, "community support is still needed so that this assistance can reach out the target more extensively and equal," he concluded.


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