For "Indonesia Future Progress", ASCEE presents Journal Editor Grant

To celebrate the 75th Indonesian Independence Day, the Association for Scientific Computing Electronics and Engineering (ASCEE) Indonesia presents the "JOURNAL EDITOR GRANT for Campus" program. This program is intended for campuses throughout Indonesia. "As an International Association that focuses on the development of Science, Technology, and Art, ASCEE has built a strong commitment to participate in overseeing the development of Science, Technology, and Arts in Indonesia," said Andri Pranolo, Publication Director of ASCEE.
Andri Pranolo explained, the Journal Editor Grant program for the Campus is an alternative solution to improve the quality of scientific publications on campuses that in need. "This program is our effort to support the development of human resources through research and publications," mentioned Andri Pranolo.

Grant types offered include free Annual free Crossref, three years for DOI, three years for Grammarly Premium Account, three years for Crosscheck iThenticate Similarity check for articles published in a journal, three years for ASCEE Institution Member, and Journal Assistance by the ASCEE Team through journal development programs organized by ASCEE.

Program registration starts from 10 to 30 July 2020. Begin with an official selection from 1 to 10 August 2020 and continue with Interview selection from 11 to 16 August 2020. The final result will be announced on August 17, 2020, on the celebration of the 75th Indonesian Independence Day. For further information on this program can be accessed on the page

Adhi Prahara, as the Research and Development Director of ASCEE, explained, Journal Editor Grant is ASCEE's way of establishing harmony and synergy with the government in carrying out the ideals of Indonesia Future Progress. "In this context, establishing harmony is important, and collaboration is the key," he said at the online meeting at the ASCEE Yogyakarta office.

On the other hand, Tuti Purwaningsing, as the Public Relations Director of ASCEE has mentioned, the program of strengthening the publication and journal management continues to be encouraged, cooperation with universities in various regions in Indonesia also ready to be realized. “This grant is a response due to high request for the collaboration,” She explained. “With this program, we hope that universities that are in developing in terms of publication and executed to improve the quality of their journal,” she concluded.


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