Visual Communication Design responds to COVID-19

Nanjing - Looking at current conditions, the Corona Virus outbreak (Covid-19) is a significant accelerator of digital transformation that is rolling rapidly, not only in Indonesia but also globally. Quoting a report from Nokia Deepfield, an intelligence and network analytics technology that is supported by the next generation of big data, there is currently an increase in the network operator traffic globally.

This has an impact on improving digital communication. This situation certainly becomes an opportunity to convey Covid-19 prevention messages to the wider digital-based community in whatever form. The design thus has a role as an important information link in the prevention of Covid-19.

The issue of design and how the design responds to Covid-19 is undoubtedly an interesting topic so that on 30 May 2020 at 14.00-16.00 CST (China Time) ASCEE China and ASCEE Student Branch held an International Webinar program with the theme "Digital Media Art and Design Response to Covid-19 in Indonesia-Pakistan." The scope of the discussion is a review through the perspectives of Design Communication, Design Psychology, and Style-Creativity Design based on the theme as reference material.

This, the international webinar is intended to exchange insights and experiences around design between designers, art lecturers, art students, art educators, art practitioners, and the general public of two countries with different cultures. The International Webinar activity is expected to be beneficial for all parties, especially towards the improvement and development of science in the fields of design, design psychology, design education, as well as across the field of design science.



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