2020 ASCEE International Scholarship

ASCEE is offering scholarships to high-achieving undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Research4Life/HINARI countries (

You will be awarded up to 300 USD for undergraduate students and 450 USD for postgraduate students.
The scholarship will be given for six months in maximum and intended for applicants who have research and study areas under ASCEE’s focus, such as:

  1. Engineering
  2. Science
  3. Education
  4. Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health
  5. Social 
  6. Art and Culture


  1. The students come from the Research4Life/HINARI countries (
  2. The students have accomplished all courses stated in the form of transcripts with the following GPA:
    • 3.35, scale 4 for Undergraduate students
    • 3.65, scale 4 for Postgraduate students
  3. Enclosing the declaration letter of passing the seminar proposal approved by the head of the study program.
  4. Developing research relates to strategic fields of study for the development of science and technology
  5. Have passed administrative selection and interview rounds by the ASCEE team.

List of documents to apply for a scholarship are as follows

  1. Approved thesis proposal (signed by supervisor)
  2. Document of research progress report approved by the supervisor
  3. Personal graduation planning to complete the degree of requirements
  4. Reccomendation letters
  5. A statement of commitment to publish one research paper in a listed ASCEE journal at or listed ASCEE conference at (Free Publication or Registration Fee). 
  6. A written statement that you are not currently receiving another type of scholarship.


  1. The committee has the right to cancel the scholarship if there is a mismatch of data in the future.
  2. The decision of the scholarship selection committee cannot be contested. Registration For registration, applicants can fill out the online registration form at by attaching the document file mentioned above.

ASCEE Scholarship 2020 Selection Schedule

Registration: 1st November 2020 to 1st January 2021
Administration selection: 2nd January to 10th January 2021
Interview rounds: 11th January to 14th January 2021
Final announcement: 16th January 2021


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