Indonesian Embassy in Beijing held a Virtual Quiz Competition for Indonesian Students in China

Beijing - Virtual quiz competition was officially opened on 12/08/2020 by the Education and Cultural Attache of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Beijing. This activity collaborates with the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing, Education, and Cultural Attache of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Beijing, ANTARA Beijing, ASCEE China Section, ASCEE Student Branch, Indonesian Student Association in China (PPIT) and the Indonesian Assistance Movement (GIM).


This virtual quiz competition (LCC) is an event that is fully supported by the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing through the Education and Culture Attaché with the theme "Implementing Attitudes and National Insights." This activity carried out to celebrate the 75th of Indonesia's independence day and to commemorate the seventy years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and China.


In his remarks, the head of the committee expressed gratitude for the extraordinary achievement in this activity because of the enthusiastic participants and attended by all Indonesian students from various regions in China. The committee prepares the entire LCC2020 for one month. "said Farhan."


Meanwhile, in the second speech, Assist. Prof. Sularso representing ASCEE China, conveyed the importance of increasing the capacity of knowledge through various academic activities, one of which is LCC 2020. ASCEE is a forum for students in the scope of social, science, and technology fields who have successfully carried out activities in the form of international conferences, publication, and management of CNKI indexed international journals which can be used for student graduation requirements.


ASCEE activities are not limited in China but also in several countries in the world. One of ASCEE's services to the Indonesian nation is by offering scholarships both abroad and domestically. "In the future, ASCEE is also ready to oversee and collaborate with the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing for various academic activities." He said.


At the same time, the last remarks and opening the event were Mr. Yaya Sutarya, M.Pd., as the Education and Culture Attache, the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing. In his speech, he conveyed about the four pillars of nationality that must nurture to deepen the country's love. The existence of Indonesian students abroad must also reflect the intended values. 


In closing, he much appreciated the LCC2020 activity, which held for the first time in the world.


"The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing is ready to support world-class (international) LCC activities which expected to be spearheaded by the ASCEE China Section, in collaboration with student organizations in China." He closed.


Until this news was released, the race for the session I had started. The semifinalists who have passed the preliminary round today will compete on the following day.


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