ASCEE Indonesia holds a "Data Science in Economics and Business" webinar

The Association for Scientific Computing Electronics and Engineering (ASCEE) Indonesia held a Webinar with the theme "Data Science in Economics and Business," This webinar, which was supported by the Indonesian Data Scientists Association (AIDI), was held online on July 13, 2020. This webinar held because, until today, many people mistaken about structured data and unstructured data in data science," said Ahmad Azhari, M.Eng as Chair of ASCEE Indonesia, as well as moderator at the webinar.


In the opening session, Ahmad Azhari, M. Eng., explained that this webinar was implementing ASCEE's vision and the mission itself. "This activity is under ASCEE's vision as a consortium with a global reputation in science and technology," Ahmad Azhari said. "Therefore, ASCEE's mission in supporting global activities is to provide education for the global community through workshops, training, seminars, and consultations."


This webinar presents the speaker Dr. Andry Alamsyah, M.Sc., who is the Chair and Founder of the Indonesian Data Scientists Association (AIDI) as well as a lecturer, researcher, and data scientist from the School of Economics and Business, Telkom University. According to Andry Alamsyah, there are many challenges and opportunities for researchers in developing various data, including big data, to be useful information for the community. "Data Science is the sexiest job of the 21st Century," said Andry Alamsyah.


In delivering the material, Andry explained in detail related to the concept of Big Data, Data Analytics, and Data Science. "There is a lot of misuse in our society when using the word of Analysis and Analytics. The two things are different," said Andry Alamsyah. According to Andry, the analysis is focused on understanding the past, while Analytics is focused on the question, why did it happen and what will happen next. "This is what we often refer to as Predictive analytics," he said.


In the interactive session, Andry Alamsyah also showed some of the research results he had done and gave several case studies using Google Collab, and the participants tried directly. This session was also guided by Dian Puteri Ramadhani, M.M. "Data Science can be learned by non-IT people". He said. The webinar attended by 165 participants from various universities, government institutions, and companies throughout Indonesia. All participants were very enthusiastic in following the webinar, Haviluddin, one of the participants from Samarinda's Mulawarman University, felt that he received valuable information. "This webinar is a bridge of information for all of us, thank you hopefully in the future there is a second webinar series," he said in the closing session.


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