In the upcoming Short Film Competition, ASCEE Student Branch China Section Holds a Film Workshop Webinar

The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing through the Attache of Education and Culture, together with ASCEE China Section and ASCEE Student Branch China Section, is preparing a short film competition to welcome the 75th Indonesian Independence Day. In the upcoming of that activity, the ASCEE Student Branch China Section held a short film workshop on Thursday (9/7/2020).


The workshop, which held online, was attended by 55 Indonesians in China, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. The workshop moderated by Syarah Munif, Palembang PALTV Presenter. He took the theme of "Make Your Film More Cinematic" presenting by Johanes Simon, an Indonesian cinematographer, cultivator of Wonderful Indonesia Videographer 2018-2019, 1st Winner of Video Eco-Tourism Egypt 2018, and 1st Winner International Tour Film Bulgaria Fest 2019.


Chairman of the ASCEE Student Branch China Section, Farhan Hidazayullah said, this workshop was part of a series of short film competitions held on August 17, 2020, at the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing, China. By presenting the topic of "Building a Young Patriotic Soul in Achieving Eternal Independence of the Country."


"With this competition, we hope to motivate Indonesian students in China to get to know national attitudes and insights as well as their implementation." Farhan said.


Johanes Simon, in his lecture, showed several films, one of them was Wonderful Indonesia 2018-2019 and dissected the film in detail from preparation to complete work. Questions asked about the obstacles and challenges faced by a Videographer when producing films and how to overcome these obstacles. This seems to be seen in the question asked by Jefri Arizona, who works at TVRI West Papua. Jefri asked what is most important in making cinematic videos, and what should be avoided in making cinematic videos.


Participants who attended acknowledged that a lot of lessons gained from this webinar, "the workshop with Johanes Simon very much awaited, and I was curious and wanted to know the figure of the video maker of Wonderful Indonesia directly," said Samuel, a Videographer from Medan.


Before the workshop ended, in the closing session, John Simon conveyed the message, "Work earnestly, use your heart, do not see shortcomings as weaknesses, but make shortages as strengths explore creativity." He said. Bagus Arief Parang Topo was very impressed with this workshop webinar, "to be honest, I am motivated, and I will not limit my potential." He said.


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