ASCEE holds the New Normal ASCEE Journal Workshop

ASCEE Indonesia once again carries out journal management workshops with the theme "The New Normal ASCEE Journal Workshop." This activity was carried out online for two days, 24-25 June 2020. Sularso, the head of the committee, said, "This activity is a routine agenda that will continue to be carried out by ASCEE Indonesia as an effort to improve the quality of the journal."

Andri Pranolo said that this activity was a continuation of previous workshop activities. "ASCEE workshop activities are carried out in series so that they are interconnected between one workshop and another," he said.

The Chairman of ASCEE Indonesia, Ahmad Azhari, M. Eng in his remarks, stated that this activity must continue to be carried out to provide support to the scientific community in improving the quality of international scientific publications. At the end of his remarks, he stressed that he would seriously follow up on the collaboration between ASCEE Indonesia and several universities in Indonesia in terms of improving the quality of journals and scientific publications.

Present at the workshop were 28 participants from various regions throughout Indonesia. The activities that took place two days in a row presented six speakers, Tri Andi, Zalik Nuryana, Shoffan Saifullah, Aji Prasetya Wibawa, Andri Pranolo, and R Ahmad Zaky El Islamy. The first day, the material included OJS 2 and OJS 3 management, good diversity editor and Author, and Journal paper layout editing. The second day, journal accreditation preparation, Scopus Suggestion preparation, and ESCI Press Web of Science suggestion preparation.

Participants who attended the activity were very enthusiastic about attending the workshop. The questions asked the first day about the process or stages of professional paper management. In presenting the material, the speaker also conducts a simulation of managing the journal properly, which is in accordance with the standards of scientific publication rules. On the second day, the questions were more about journal accreditation preparation and Scopus Suggestion preparation, and ESCI Web of Science suggestion preparation.

The participants were very motivated by this activity and hoped that this activity could be carried out sustainably. One participant revealed, "I feel bored if I don't do something, and in this new normal period, ASCEE offers activities that I find very useful." The participants who were present were very enthusiastic and hoped to take part in the next ASCEE program.


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