70 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Indonesia - China, ASCEE China holds LKTM 2020

Beijing - During a pandemic, ASCEE China together with the Indonesian Embassy through the Education and Culture Attache, PPI China, and ASCEE Student Branch held a Student Scientific Writing Contest (LKTM) for Indonesian Students in China.

The activity was held for the first time at the same time in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Indonesia and China, which carries the theme "Diplomatic Relations between Indonesia and China for Qualified Human Resources 4.0."

Mr. Yaya Sutarya, S.Pd., M.Pd., revealed, "the purpose of LKTM activities is to provide a means for Indonesian students to publish research work. So that participants can prepare their graduation requirements well. "Besides, as a means of understanding Indonesian-Chinese diplomatic relations, "he said.

The Chairman of the China LKTM Committee, Zalik Nuryana, M.Pd.I said, "the activity was attended by Indonesian students spread across various universities in China. This time the LKTM was attended by around 23 universities. "The stages are from April; the peak is May 7, 2020, grand final," he said.

Nuryana said, before entering the grand final stage, students' scientific papers were reviewed by an internal team and selected to get the five best scientific works. After that, proceed to the assessment of the presentation of the work, "he said.

Nuryana hopes that in the future the Chinese LKTM activity will become an annual event that will later influence the increasing international publications of Indonesian students in China.


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